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Message from the President

To all shareholders and investors,

This is a report on the statement of accounts Hagihara Industries Inc. released for the period ending October 2016.

Although the Company is experiencing gradual recovery as the employment and income environments continue to improve, the business environment has become unclear as a result of the risk of economic decline in developing nations and resource-rich countries as well as the risk of sudden rises in exchange rates and the price of resources caused by the international situation.

In light of this situation, the Group as a whole is working in order to further strengthen management practices based on our fundamental commitment to craftsmanship designed to ensure absolute safety and improve quality under our slogan of “Brave Challenge and New Hagihara Dynamism” in order to achieve the targets of our midterm management plan “DH56 (Dynamic HAGIHARA 56).”

I ask for the continued support and enthusiasm of all of the shareholders and investors.

Kazushi Asano

Financial Highlights

Financial Highlights